On The Farm: Part Two


By KMVT News

Kimberly, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

"Most kids, they just play sports and on the X–box a lot but I'm out here with my animals, enjoying life."

11– year old Rowdy Hopkins isn't like most kids his age.
For instance, instead of buying candy or games, the youngin' used his money to buy a 400 dollar blower for his steer.

Rowdy explains he "just got it two weeks ago– I just wanted a nice one."

And that's not all– Rowdy is already saving up for college, putting away money he gets by selling his animals.
Mother and Kimberly FAA advisor Heather Hopkins explains, "the kids are able to earn an elevated amount of money but is due to the sponsors in the community that make it worth these kids time."
The Hopkins family spends all year getting ready for the fair.
Training the animals is no easy task.
Of his animal, Rowdy notes he’s "trying to get him to go on place but they get the other way, especially my one steer... he's wild."

Heather adds, “having these kinds of projects teaches kids so much because they do the work, they learn that they have to get up, they have to be accountable.”

Rowdy got his steer Retro back in November, and while most of his classmates were still in bed and the young 4-H member was up and at it early in the morning to take care of his animal.

Of his daily routine, Rowdy adds he, "Just wakes up, get dressed, and I usually have to come out and feed grain, go and eat breakfast and leave at 7 to go to school."

Heather adds, "it is hard work and it’s what done before the fair. They both start first thing in the morning with feeding and watering. We start early morning walking them they spend 20–30 minutes in the morning and comb them out.”

But as he said, Rowdy is just out there with his animals, enjoying life.
Each day one step closer to the county fair.

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