"Party Drug" Abuse On The Rise


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) the use of so called "party drugs" is a problem growing across the nation.

But here locally, the use of these intoxicants hasn't reached the levels of that in other states.

Ecstasy use among teens is on the rise.

"We have seen it in the Magic Valley but not to the extent where other cities are seeing it."

A report released by the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services say the number of teens overdosing has more than doubled.

Emergency room visits related to MDMA between 2005 and 2011 rose from 4,500 to 10,000 people.

Sergeant Dan Thom from the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office says that Southern Idaho is "gladly" behind the bar.

"Ecstasy and Methamphetamines and cocaine are kind of like regional drugs. Cocaine is more of a coastal drug and bigger city drug.
Ecstasy is very similar to that. We haven't seen that hitting the Magic Valley like it would on coastal of bigger cities.
It has to do with how its transported, the people that want to buy it and the need for it."
Said Sergeant Dan Thom
From the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.

Arron Cook is a 19 year old California transplant that's recently moved to Idaho.

He says the culture here is very different from what he remembers back home.

"I tried to stay away from it, but it's readily available. Where I was from it was harder to get alcohol than it was to get drugs... like hard drugs. It seems a lot more popular there than it is here. Like at school you could smell it on kids and stuff. And here... its just different."
Said Arron Cook.

The most common drugs in our area are marijuana and methamphetamines.

But in recent years the number of teens trying drugs like meth has decreased.

"Over the years we've always dealt with marijuana... that will always be around. Methamphetamines... I tell you what; we've really done a good job in the Magic Valley of trying to push kids not to try it. We went from in 1996 1 out of 10 kids were trying it in high school, now it's like 1 out of 70 kids tried it in high school."
Said Thom.

Cracking down on illegal drug use and keeping the community safe.

Sergeant Thom says it best...

If it quacks like a duck... Walks like a duck... It's probably a duck.

So if parents suspect their children of using any types of illegal drugs to take an active approach and crack down.

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