Petition is Circulated to Recall Filer Officials


By KMVT News

Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

An effort is taking place in Filer to recall Mayor Rick Dunn and four city council members.

A Facebook page called "Recall Filer Mayor Rick Dunn" has more than one thousand likes.

Now, residents are moving from their computers to paper and signing a petition.

It all started with an incident on February 8th... In which officer Hassani, a Filer police officer, shot and killed a dog running at large.
The dog's owner Rick Clubb was hosting his son's 9th birthday at the time, with the shooting taking place in his yard.

Says Clubb about the incident, it "should've never happened. There were a lot of options he could've took before shooting my Dog. The dog was 7 years old, a dark lab with arthritis. It was barking and growling but it was wagging its tail at the same time."

Officer Hassani has returned to duty after being put on administrative leave.

Now, some residents are voicing their disapproval of the situation, and calling for officials to be recalled.

Filer resident John Wallin notes, "What brought me here is officer Hassani coming back onto duty after everything that has happened. A lot of people say it’s just about a dog being shot. It's a lot more than that; it’s about a history of issues, it’s about the way the community gets treated."

April 7th marks ninety days into the mayor and city council members’ term in office and is the first day the petition can legally be circulated.

Wallin explains, "20 signatures starts the initial recall and after that we'll take it in the city office and once they approve it, we have 75 days to get 201 votes to trigger a full recall."

A community demanding their voices are heard.

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