Police Cracking Down On Marijuana Trafficking


By Stephanie Mead

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) With drug trafficking throughout the state increasing, state troopers are working the roads more aggressively than ever.

More people are being arrested for drug trafficking by the Idaho State Police over the last five years than ever before

“I can tell you every week, we have a report that comes out about the previous weeks actually, and every week we are making drug arrests,” explains ISP Captain Robert Storm.

Less than one pound, or twenty five plants, being delivered within the Idaho borders is considered trafficking.

That can land you five years in prison or a fifteen thousand dollar fine.

Drivers utilize Highway 84 to traffic the drug through Idaho, and law enforcement knows that current laws will help keep Idaho cities safe from the drug.

"We enforce Idaho law, and it’s currently illegal to possess and/or transport marijuana. There have been many people we've stopped with the false impression that having a medical marijuana card entitles them to possess it in Idaho," Storm points out.

Law enforcement will continue to enforce the current laws regarding the drug aggressively.

“We're going to continue to actively and aggressively enforce the laws and drug laws in the state of Idaho; we will enforce whatever the legislator gives us,” Storm says.

Working hard to keep the streets clean.

Local and state law enforcement are going to continue to patrol the streets and highways enforcing the already strict laws.

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