Record-Setting One Man Volleyball Team


By Jay Michaels

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Bob Holmes has never played on a volleyball team, or even read a book about the game. But that hasn't kept him from winning more than 18,000 volleyball games... all by himself.

Bob Holmes has been playing as a one man volleyball team for 27 years now. His record? More than 18,000 wins, and almost 400 losses, in more than 5,000 gymnasiums. Holmes is in Ripley's "Believe It or Not," but the reason he does what he does, is to save lives.

Holmes says, "My heart goes out to the kids. One boy was going to kill himself with a computer cord. He was going to hang himself on his birthday. He wrote me an e-mail after the assembly, 'I threw the cord away.' And when he said he threw it away, I said, 'It was worth the whole thing.'"

Holmes has played volleyball against entire teams including the Minnesota Vikings, the Miami Dolphins, and the Washington Redskins. His opponents for these games were from Burley Junior High.

8th grade volleyball player Isabelle Cantu says, "On the court, we play six, but we rotate in. We have 12 players all together."

But with even being able to swap out with a set of fresh players, the Burley Junior High Girls team still lost to Bob Holmes' one man volleyball team.

Volleyball player Jemilynn Mahoney says, "It was fair for him, because we have a lot of people, and it was easy for us. But it wasn't, because there was only one of him."

Holmes' message? "Beat the odds. Don't quit, and look ahead to the future."

If you'd like to book one man volleyball team Bob Holmes for an assembly, visit "" .

November 15, 2013.

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