SIRCOMM in Desperate Need of More Employees


By KMVT News

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

SIRCOMM, or Southern Idaho Regional Communications Center, is looking to implement major changes.
The regional dispatch center handles emergency calls for an area of 4,500 square miles.
But being short staffed and other problems are causing major concern.
Jerome County Commissioner Charlie Howell explains, "we are short staffed at this time and we're concerned if we go too much lower we won't be able to provide the emergency services we need to."
SIRCOMM is the 911 center for four counties in the Magic Valley, excluding the city of Twin Falls.
The center is responsible for dispatching fire, law enforcement, and medical services to a population of 90,000 people.
While SIRCOMM is budgeted for 16 full time employees, they currently only have 8 on staff.
The job requires 6 people on hand at all times.
Director of Sircomm John Moore explains, "we just have a lot of staff working a lot of overtime. We need to get quality people to apply for jobs– we have a great staff and without these people 911 calls would go unanswered."
Different agencies from the four counties SIRCOMM serves came together to address the problems at hand.
Moore adds, “I think it was great that all the agency heads showed up to give their input and help us out.”
Howell adds, "we're looking at why we're having the turnaround and why it's happening so often. This was some great input from the people that were here-- we looked at some hiring solutions. We have decided to increase the wages and then we'll look at some other aspects also."
Among other things, the group discussed raising wages by 2.50 an hour to attract more applicants and entice current employees to stay.

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