Seattle Mayor Proposes $15 An Hour Minimum Wage


By KMVT News

Seattle, Washington (CNN) Seattle may soon have the highest minimum wage in the nation.

The city's mayor is proposing a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage plan to take effect over several years.

If approved, some large businesses would begin handing out 15 dollar an hour wages as early as 2017.

Ultimately, all businesses would be subject to the rule by 2021.

“Seattle, I think, will prove itself when this process is finished in council, to once again be an incubator democracy. To be a city that once again does great things by showing how we as a city can lead the conversation in the nation to address this growing problem in our society, the growing problem of income equality,” Mayor Ed Murray said.

At nine dollars and 32 cents, Washington already has the highest state-level minimum wage in the nation.

The Seattle proposal would be more than double the current federal minimum wage.

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