Senior Project With Plenty Of Return


By Brittany Cooper

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A local student is looking to help stop hunger in her community. The incoming senior at Wendell High School chose to do a community garden as her senior project.

The student worked with the Land O'Lakes Foundation and area experts in making the garden a success.

Lucy Villagomez is no stranger to the Answer Plot Community Garden program.

"My brother did it last year, I helped him out," adds Villagomez.

Lucy and her brother are holding a competition to see who yields the most produce.

She adds, "with the corn, since there's so much, I'm planning to donate it to my church for the festival they have and also to like the schools with their nutrition."

"Right now she has 784 pounds....closer to 1100 when it's all said and done," adds Ben Anderson of Winfield Solutions.

– "Which ones are these ones?"
– "These are the bell peppers."

Anderson helped Villagomez set up the garden. He planted the corn, while she took care of the rest.

Anderson claims, "to help people understand their food doesn't just come from the grocery store, it comes from growing in field, there are people here every day that are doing that. It's nice when people drive by and see there are people actually doing that."

The Wendell senior started the project back in April and already local families are starting to see the benefits of her hard work.

"I donated the food to a church in Wendell and a food bank in Jerome," adds Villagomez.

Alleviating hunger one acre at a time.

The Land O'Lakes Foundation hopes to donate more than 30,000 pounds of produce nationwide.

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