Sick Cruise Ship Docked In Santa Barbara


By KMVT News

Santa Barbara, California (CNN) What was supposed to be a seven-day California cruise turned into one sick adventure.

More than 50 people aboard the Crown Princess Cruise from L.A. to Santa Barbara became sick with a stomach virus.

The vessel arrived in the Santa Barbara harbor early Wednesday.

The local county health director boarded the ship to determine if it was safe for passengers to leave.

These are the people who got the green light.

As for the others....

“So anyone who is ill is isolated in their cabins, and they're kept there until it's safe for them to be released. They have similar protocols for the crew on board and even stricter for those who handle food. We believe it's something called Norovirus, which is a relatively mild gastrointestinal illness. It does cause some vomiting and can cause some diarrhea. It's not something that we're extremely concerned about. You have it in just the general community at all times,” explains Dr. Takashi Wada, Director/Health Officer, Public Health Department.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Noroviruses are often associated with cruise lines because of close living quarters onboard.

Also, outbreaks are found and reported more quickly on a cruise ship than on land.

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