Superintendent Tom Luna Visits Local Schools


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

State Superintendent Tom Luna was visiting Harrison Elementary School to learn how one kindergarten class is taking learning to a whole new level.

Says Luna, "The reason we want the technology integrated properly is because it’s a tremendous learning tool. It’s used as a tool to help students learn at higher level."

At Harrison Elementary School, the use of technology is expanding to include some of its youngest learners.

Notes Chris Gillette, the school’s principal, "it’s very important. The way technology is moving, these young kids have to know it. They have to know how to use computers and the internet and smart phones and the iPad."

A CenturyLink Technology grant awarded six iPads and recording devices to Ms. Jacobson's kindergarten class.

Adds Jacobson, "it’s important to use it as a tool because that’s where their motivation lies. So if you can use it to tap into their motivation and make the lesson engaging for them, that’s when it helps."

A kindergarten teacher for ten years, Ms. Jacobson has seen the introduction of technology into the classroom as a great asset for students.

She notes, "its been a huge change, just even having a Smart Board is amazing. Getting the kids attention is ten times easier."

Luna adds, "every child is engaged and learning and you'll see a teacher that is spending one on one time with a student and while that is happening other students are learning because they have their own device and they're going at their own pace."

Advanced learning at a young age.

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