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Jerome, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

"I have a kid brother that was killed in Vietnam December 10 1966 and he's on 13E line 26 and every time the wall come anywhere near me I go see it."
James Crouson, army veteran, sees the traveling wall every opportunity it's close by.
Hundreds of residents came to pay tribute to Idaho hero's over the past four days.
Today was closing ceremony for the American veterans traveling tribute traveling wall.
"They will read over 200 names which are all the folks from Idaho that lost their lives in the Vietnam War."
After the reading of the names a closing prayer was read in honor of the fallen, then a rifle volley shot their rifles for remembrance.
"I think it's been a very sombering event, it means a lot to them to be able to pay respects to those lives that were lost. I think it's also brought back memories of those that they served with and experiences with or that they had it's also a great educational tool for the community so people understand did and they served our country."
Crouson hopes the wall gives the community a sense of pride.
"Give them a sense of pride and knowing that their state is involved in it...I'm proud to be an American and God bless America.

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