Test Scores in Idaho Expected to Drop


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

The education system is changing around the United States.

45 states and the District of Columbia have adopted a Common Core standard in recent years.

Ted Popplewell, Director of Elementary Education in Twin Falls, states, "the standards are more specific and I guess you would describe them as more complicated. We're asking students to be problem solvers, to be critical thinkers, to analyze things."

Gone will be the days of "fill in the bubble" tests. And that's part of the reason why educators are saying test scores are expected to drop.

L.T. Erickson, Director of Secondary Programs in Twin Falls, adds, "the tests will be so different from what students have taken in the past. It’s been entirely multiple choice and so there's different types of questions they'll be taking."

While Idaho students won't take a practice test until the spring, results in other states are telling.

Popplewell adds, "in New York in 2009 as far as math and English, over 70 percent of their students are proficient in Language Arts. They started the new testing this spring and this year only 31 percent of the students were proficient."

Erickson agrees, “if you look at the test, if you didn't know the grade level you would think its three to four grade levels higher than it is.

We're trying to do all we can to prepare the students but the states that have taken it, their levels have dropped.

However, the new test is looked at as a positive.

Popplewell states, "I always look forward to change. I think change is exciting-- makes people think and think of new ideas and ways to solve problems."

For more on the Common Core standards, visit www.corestandards.org.

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