The City Of Twin Falls Is Preparing For The Worst


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Back in 2012 the city of Twin Falls experienced a blackout that left almost half the city without power for over 12 hours.

Without power the city scrambled to make sure citizens had clean drinkable water.

The blackout came and went without any serious consequences.

But now the city has taken steps that will ensure residents never go without water if another blackout occurs.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News explains.

"2/3rds of our water or better comes from this location... especially during the summer time. So yeah, this is the heart of our whole system."
Said Robert Bohling, city of Twin Falls Water Superintendent.

The four pumps that propel water from the Blue Lakes Wells in southern Jerome County are the backbone of the city of Twin Falls.

And the 2012 June blackout put that system to the ultimate test.

"it was probably the most significant power outage we've had in recent history... we were out of power for about 12 hours."
Said Jon Caton, Twin Falls Public Works Director.

After the blackout, the city felt that a backup power source was needed to ensure that the pump system would never fail.

"To directly address the problem that happened in June... the city realized that we needed to install backup power at our blue lakes well head. We needed to have redundant power so we invested in a backup power generator for the well head.
Said Caton.

The new state–of–the–art 350 kilowatt diesel powered generator comes with remote controlled capability and more.

"We have instrumentation to detect power outage and it will automatically switch and go into backup power mode."
Said Caton.

A big incentive for the new $150,000 generator was the rapid expansion of new business to the area.

"with new growth and the expansion with companies in twin... the city decided that we better look at getting some backup power over here to keep this source up and going."
Said Bohling.

This new pump isn't the only step the city is taking.

"We've place backup power generators in the most critical locations throughout the city. Or sewer lift stations have backup power... our treatment plant has enough backup power to handle limited outages. So we've taken some steps to install generators in other locations."
Said Caton.

Making sure the city of twin falls is prepared... If disaster strikes.... So citizens never go without clean, drinkable water.

The drinking water is the main concern for the city of Twin Falls if another Blackout does occur.

Restoring power back to homes and businesses if left to the task of Idaho Power.

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