Traffic Lights Making Difference at Red Cap Corner


By KMVT News

Kimberly, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV)

A change a long time in the making-- the addition of a traffic signal at Red Cap Corner in Kimberly.

Residents are welcoming the new safety measure.

Says Bob Watts, Kimberly resident, “I think they're great. I use them every day when I'm going to work, it helps me get across Kimberly road when I'm going North. I’m really happy they are here."

Says Pat Commons, Kimberly resident, "all the years that I’ve lived here they've talked about putting in a light and it’s really just wonderful"

Nathan Jerke of the Idaho Transportation Department asserts, "this intersection was known as a high accident location so because of the number of crashes and unfortunately a fatality a traffic signal was warranted in this area.

Commons agrees, "It's really good for the accidents out here. I think you just take it as it comes now whereas before you would just get in a hurry and there would be close calls."

Motorists should be aware of a few changes.

Jerke says, "there was one speed reduction. It went from 60 MPH to 50. A lot of this was reconstructed with the new curve to make traffic flow a little easier so there are a lot of small improvements to what this was, including the signal making it a large improvement.”

An improvement for the better according to Idaho Transportation Department officials. During the past two weeks, there has been one accident.

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