Twin Falls City Council: Sticking With Beckley


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) On November 25th the city of Twin Falls made a significant decision on the proposed snake river canyon jump.

At the meeting, the council decided to rank their top 4 choices and begin a negotiation period with their top candidate.

That top candidate.... "Big Ed" Beckley.

Tonight the number 2 name on that list, REO Development Group, requested that the council reconsider their choice.

Joey Martin for idaho's First News was at tonight's meeting and brings us this report.

As the city of Twin Falls decided on November 25th, negotiations will start with their top choice.

If that top choice fails to reach an agreement with the city...

They would move onto number 2.

Ed Beckley was the city's top choice for negotiations.

With REO Development Group coming in a close second.

That's why on Monday night, REO officially asked for the council to reconsider.

But after deliberation, the council decided in a 5–2 vote to deny REO's request.

"I’m not going anywhere... I live here; I'll see you out at the Perrine Bridge Festival. You know... I've been out there for a few of those. I don't really know what to say at this time... I just love that mountain of dirt in my back yard and would love a chance at jumping over the canyon."
Said Miles Daisher from REO Development Group.

Beckley was at Monday night's meeting and had this to say REO's request.

"I think the council made a decision two weeks ago and they kept their integrity and are going along with this. Just like they said... they got to give us a chance."
Said “Big Ed” Beckley

I caught up with city administrator Travis Rothweiler after Monday night's meeting.

With the council denying REO’s request...

Where does the process go from here?"

"Next step is to continue to work with Mr. Beckley and his team to consider making sure that we have a good contract. And an agreement moving forward that protects the public health and safety, and ensures that the outlay of public dollars is kept to a minimum and that ultimately the city's brand is kept intact."
Said Twin Falls City Administrator, Travis Rothweiler.

Keeping the community, its citizens and the brand of Twin Falls .... Safe and intact.

The city of Twin Falls will now begin the process of negotiations with Beckley.

If the two fail to come to an agreement by January 31st.... Talks will then swing over to REO Development.

If you would like to comment to the city of Twin Falls on this matter....

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