Twin Falls State Of The City


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Outlining the city of Twin Falls' strategic plan.

It's one of the main points addressed in today's annual state of the city.

Joey Martin for Idaho’s First News was there and gives us a look at what was discussed.

Every year, the city of Twin Falls holds the state of the city address.

This year, it focused on a very positive outlook.

The annual State of City Address.

It's an opportunity for city of twin falls officials to layout what happened in the previous year and what's on the horizon.

"It's an opportunity for the council and members of the city staff to go out and share within the community... to share what we see as the vision of the future... tie into what we're doing for the strategic plan. And then most importantly be able to answer questions from the members of the community and including those who are part of the chamber and the citizens who elected to come today."
Said Twin Falls City Manager, Travis Rothweiler.

The main focus this year: the strategic plan which runs up until 2030.

"I'm going to be talking about our strategic plan and the achievements that we've been able to make since we implemented it just a little over a year ago. And really the direction we have taken from the community thus far and where were going were going to be heading."
Said Twin Falls Mayor, Don Hall.

Heading… According to city officials... In the right direction.

"I think that we are healthy... I think that financially we have some reserves... a lot of communities would love to be where we're at. I think that we have a phenomenal staff that works for the city. I think the business community is engaged... I think that we are working with non-profits and other partners. So I would say that the state of the city is very healthy."
Said Hall

A reminder for citizens that the city continues to move into the future.

If you went able to make it to today state of the city address.

The city of Twin Falls encourages that if anyone has any kind of questions, whatsoever to not hesitate and come forward.

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