Two Out Of Three Americans Convinced Economy Is Bad


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A new poll shows most people think the national and local economies aren't doing so well. But that depends on which indicators you're watching.

Issues like the looming federal debt and the Affordable Care Act have many Americans convinced the economy is worse than ever.

It's been a slow but sure climb out of the Great Recession. In South Central Idaho, unemployment in November was at five percent, which is considered full employment.

Regional Economist Jan Roeser says, "We're looking at seasonal hiring being up, you're looking at some really good GDP growth that we haven't seen in the past. So it's all really impressive, our exports and our potential for exports are really huge."

Both nationally and locally, job numbers have been improving steadily, home sales and new construction have gone up, and the stock market is doing better. But for many Americans, the Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag at best.

Roeser says, "The bottom line is there's also going to be positive impact because there's going to be several more people getting some of these preventative tests to enhance the quality of their life. And take care of some of the problems they've had."

Locally, more than 200 people who've been out of work for two years have lost their long term unemployment benefits.
But many businesses and workers are looking forward to positive growth in the new year.

Josh Funk, Financial Advisor with Waddell & Reed, says, "If you're optimistic, and things go well, you can move ahead. If you're optimistic and things go poorly, you're in the same boat as the pessimistic people anyway."

Here are some of the comments posted to our Facebook page.

Cindy says, "The way things are going, I do not see us getting any better. It's sad to say but I only see it going downhill quickly."

Amanda wrote, "I don't believe the economy will truly begin to improve until we see a return of the middle class."

Melodie explained, "The market is at a bubble. Mainstream media lies and says it's great! Do a little research and see how it works. Because very soon the dollar will break. Be prepared."

December 30, 2013.

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