Update On Concealed Weapons Bill



Boise, Idaho ( KBOI ) State lawmakers are working to close a loophole that allows elected officials to carry concealed weapons without a permit.

A Nampa Republican plans to introduce a reworked bill on Monday. Right now, even people elected to school boards and irrigation districts don't need a permit.

"Anybody who ran for office in any kind of elected official position would have been exempted...You're the ones who put us in office, then we should be abiding by the same statutes as our citizens," explains Rep. Rick Youngblood, a Republican lawmaker from Nampa.

Former Representative Mark Patterson had his concealed carry permit revoked last year after not disclosing a guilty plea to a lesser charge that started as assault with intent to commit rape, which occurred back in the '70s.

He eventually resigned.

Representative Youngblood says that situation brought the law to his attention and it's time for a fix to the double–standard.

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