Violent Crime Rate in Idaho


By Jarred Aslett

A recent report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows the overall national crime rate is dropping, but violent crimes continue to increase.

The same trend can be seen here in Idaho.
Someone is murdered in Idaho every thirteen and a half days.
What’s more alarming, an aggravated assault occurs every three and a half hours.

That’s according to a report released by the Idaho State Police's Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Overall crime rates are going down and have been for years, but the same cannot be said for violent crimes.

In 2012 over 3,200 violent crimes were reported, a 5.2% increase from 2011, but less than half of those led to arrests.

Lt. Robert Rausch from the Idaho State Police says, "Generally a lot of these reports are reported well after the fact so it's hard to prove. One of the hardest things to tell people is that in our society and our system we have to work on what we can prove. And so sometimes it's a he said she said and a lot of crimes, people against people, are based on that."

So, how does Idaho stack up against other states?

"In terms of violent crime, Twin Falls is very safe and Idaho in particular is actually one of the safest states in the county so in terms of violent crime, Twin Falls is one of the safest cities in one of the safest states," according to Captain Mathew Hicks with the Twin Falls Police Dept.

Just in the past few years, the surge of violent crimes has been evident in the magic valley.

Cayde Lish was convicted of voluntary manslaughter
James Ambrose was convicted of first degree murder
And even a couple weeks ago, Eric Mcentarfer was charged with aggravated battery.

"Today we're seeing weapons still but the tactics aren't mono e mono like the used to be. We tend to see tactics where it's more than one person on another person or it's maybe somebody who takes a weapon or something to an incident where before they would have just brought themselves," said Rausch

Police are working to combat the growing problem.

"We also specially train certain groups of our officers to go out and look for drugs and criminal offences even more so than the average trooper does in an attempt to try and control crimes when it enters our areas."

Idaho may be one of the safest states in the country, but the violence doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Rausch says, "It seems like the trend is still increasing and we see a lot of drug arrests and part of that is the result of the training of our officers but we're also seeing people coming through shooting at other cars and things like that that maybe we wouldn't have seen very much of in the past"

With no real end to the violence in sight, police have no choice, but to remain vigilant.

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