Wood River Students Enjoy Environmental Camp


By Jay Michaels

Ketchum, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) School's been in session less than a month, but students still enjoy getting out of the classroom, especially if it's outdoors.

Real world science, surviving in the wilderness, and understanding the world around them. That's what more than 200 sixth graders from Wood River Middle School are finding out about through hands-on science experiments. It's happening this week at Cathedral Pines Camp north of Ketchum.

Sixth grader Carter Penn says, "My brother was here last year, and he told me all about his adventures. I really looked forward to this event happening. I'm really excited."

For 40 years, kids like these have been learning about the great outdoors through environmental camp. They'll gather scientific information here, and take it back to their regular classrooms, where they'll use it for math and writing assignments.

Sixth grader Jason Gonzalez says, "We're going to write about what we learned, and graph the temperatures and the water quality in the Big Wood River."

The goal is to teach these kids they're living in an environment we all need to protect, and someday it will be their responsibility to do that.

Environmental Camp Director Sheila Naghsh says, "If we can show them what's important now and today, then maybe they will pass that on to future generations. We can clean up the environment a little bit, and keep it for the next generations."

Generations who will appreciate this environment the same way these kids do now.

The students will learn about predators and prey by dissecting owl pellets, orienteering, and identifying edible plants.

September 23, 2013.

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