Zion's Bank Robbery Update


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV )

Police are still looking for the person who robbed Zion's bank last month.

The robbery took place a little before noon and the suspect fled the scene on a motorcycle.

The Twin Falls County Police Department is still on the hunt for the bank robber and possibly a female accomplice.

On July 9th officers responded to an alarm at Zion's bank on Blue Lakes Boulevard.

The suspect left the scene on a small motorcycle that was later recovered near the snake river canyon.

It's believed that a woman was helping him out.

Nearly a month has gone by without an arrest, but police are still working diligently on the case.

Says Staff Sgt. John Wilson, "they were both seen leaving the area in a light blue pickup truck. At this point detectives are just following up on what information we do have as well as leads that come to us over the telephone."

Says lead detective Brian Moughan, "we've had several community people calling in giving us tips on who they believe the person is from the photographs. We've been following up on those leads and have more to follow up on"

With the suspect on the loose, should the twin falls community be concerned? Well, the police department tells us there's no reason to be alarmed.

Says Wilson, "I don't think specifically there's any real concern that anyone should take other than the every day-t- day concern that we should all take as we live our lives. Am I concerned this individual will rob another bank? Yes I am. Until he's in custody, that's a concern."

Says Moughan, "We haven't had any robberies since this in Twin Falls so I don't think this person is out randomly harming the public".

The suspect is a white male believed to be around 6'0–6'4. He was wearing a Boston Bruins hat and yellow long-sleeved shirt at the time of the robbery.

Police remain hopeful their many leads will lead to an arrest soon.

Police would like to remind you that if you have any information regarding the bank robbery to contact the Twin Falls Police Department.

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