103-Year-Old Completes Bucket List Item


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Park City, Utah ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

Twin falls resident Dorothy Custer turns 103-years-old next week.
She celebrated her birthday early by crossing yet another wish off her bucket list-- riding in a hot air balloon.

During the balloon ride Custer exclaimed, "Next week I'll be 103! You figure up how many days that is... that's a long time! But I don't feel that old."

Dorothy Custer knows how to celebrate a birthday in style. After all, she's had a lot of practice.

The Idaho native turns 103 on May 30th.

Custer notes, "I look like an old person, but inside me I'm young. I just love life I guess."

Last year, Dorothy celebrated her birthday by doing a tandem base jump off the Perrine Bridge.

After hitting the century mark, there was also zip lining and riding an elephant.

Friend and BASE jumper Sean Chuma explains, "I heard on the zip line she said it was too short on the BASE–jump she definitely said it was too short."

Taking flight was simply the next adventure on the bucket list, and during the trip her BASE jumper friends had a special surprise—jumping out of the plane!

Chuma"I told everyone on this one she said it was going to be too short and she did— I think she just wants the adventure to last forever.
To the rest of the world, Dorothy’s antics may seem out of the ordinary.
But to those who know her, it's always been normal.

Grandson Greg Custer explains, "Grandma has always scared me ever since I was a little kid she's been climbing trees. I remember when she turned 90 on her birthday her husband Marvin told her to stop doing the splits she was going to hurt herself."

But since Marvin's warning, the adventures have only continued.
Custer explains, "I was so busy raising my children for a long time and doing everything I could for them. After my husband passed away I had to think of things to do I guess."

And for Dorothy, another year of life isn't going to slow her down.
"I feel so bad when so many young people don't have a full life because well I never even thought of age...I don't right now."
Pushing the limits to new heights.

Special thanks to Skywalker Balloon Company allowing us to take part in the special ride. You may visit their website for more information: http://www.skywalker.at/utah-ballooning/park-city-hot-air-balloon-rides.html

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