Court TV Covering Burley Homicide



By Gina Jameson


It had been eight years since Kacy Kay Ray was murdered but a national crime program is currently taking notice and giving this case the attention it deserves.

Kacy Kay Ray taught school in Rupert but was found raped and murdered southeast of burley by a man whom she did not know, Troy David Alonzo. Court tv became involved after hearing that it was a stranger on stranger crime and it was the first time ever in Idaho DNA evidence was used.

Cassia County Sheriff Investigator Randy Kidd says, "It's been very interesting to see how TV is made. It's going to be a good thing to let people know the value of DNA, how real valuable it is in homicide investigations, and other investigations of serious crimes."

For years investigators worked endless hours trying to narrow down the suspects but it was the introduction of DNA that quickly eliminated all the suspects but one Troy David Alonzo.

Kidd says, "It was the key to solving this case, without DNA evidence, this case may have never been solved. We had a lot of suspects that we looked at, that fit the profile of what we generally look for. And those people were generally eliminated one way or another."

Kidd says that in the midst of the tv spotlight, he wants to thank the families of the victim and the perpetrator for allowing the filming of this case to take place.

"I think that we will both acknowledge that without the joint efforts of all the Idaho State Police and the Cassia County Sheriff's Office, all the officers, this case would not have been possible to solve."

The show is expected to air in early February of 2008.

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