12/12/12 ... A Busy Day at St. Luke's Magic Valley


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) 12 /12/12 was the most highly coveted birth date of the year.

Expecting mothers nationwide had planned Cesarean sections months in advance to ensure their new additions were born on that day.

For Dr. Amber Fort at St. Luke's Magic Valley, December 12th was a busy day.

"We had a lot of scheduled deliveries along with several spontaneous and ended with exactly twelve deliveries on 12/12/12," said Dr. Fort.

About half a dozen doctors were on staff that day and despite a lot of effort , none were born right at 12:12 p.m.

"It was fun because it's suppose to be a lucky birthday and it's a once in a century event. And, you know the moms were all excited and none of the babies had any complications or problems," said Dr. Fort.

Mother's nationwide scheduled their Cesarean sections months in advance, and St. Luke's was no different.

"We can only schedule deliveries in a single day, but we were full to the brink," said Dr. Fort.

Kathy Fender left her daughter's birth up to fate.

"I got to the hospital, and I was already 8cm dialated. We got here around 10:15–10:30, and I was kinda thinking in my mind I'd really like to have her on 12/12/12. But I was thinking she'd come quicker, but she didn't so that's good. She did a good job," said Fender.

"It's suppose to be something that means good luck. So, for all the babies that were born on 12/12/12 hopefully they'll just be a lot of lucky kids," said Dr. Fort.

Emily grace is Kathy and Adam Fender's sixth baby.

"She makes an even three. Yep. So, now we have three boys and three girls," said Fender.

It'll be a century before the opportunity for such a lucky birthday comes along again.
Mothers weren't the only ones rushing to capitalize on the special day.

An estimated 7, 500 couples nationwide rushed to the alter that day.

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