Online education is changing school funding


TWIN FALLS, IDAHO (KMVT-TV) The more students who go to your school, the more money that you get from the state Department of Education. But recent changes in state laws would require smaller school districts to pay more per student when it comes to providing online classes. Burt Hursh is the principal for the Hansen Junior and Senior high school. He said, “I guess what that will do is allow our students to have greater access to a variety of courses than what we can offer in the smaller districts.” The big question is will the money that Idaho schools get to pay for online courses and technology be enough to actually make a real difference. We're going to receive $32 per student this year to enhance our technology, and that equated to $6,000 that Hansen will get for our technology hardware and things. Hursh says splitting $6,000 among roughly 180 students won't allow the school district to keep up with its current technology needs. But the superintendent for the Twin Falls school district Wiley Dobbs says the proposal allows school districts to negotiate for a rate that's hopefully lower than the 2/3 of the individual average daily attendance of its students. “I think the state department is probably looking for our input. And it's going to be important when they make a final decision. They're still in the working stage, and we want to provide any kind of help we can to make sure that it's the best possible solution we can come up with,” Dobbs said.

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