Pedestrian Signal Activated Near New Wendell Elementary


By Paul Johnson

Wendell, Idaho (KMVT-TV) – A new pedestrian-initiated signal was activated near the new Wendell Elementary School on Idaho Street on Monday, the Idaho Transportation Department announced. The signal was installed by the Wendell School District as part of the school construction with engineering support by ITD.
The pedestrian hybrid beacon, or “HAWK” (High-intensity Activated crossWalK), is designed to provide school children and pedestrians with greater protected while crossing the four-lane highway.
The signal is dark until activated by a pedestrian push button. When activated, the signal displays a flashing yellow followed by a solid yellow indication for about three second apiece before turning red to require traffic to stop for the pedestrian. The solid red displays for seven second, at which time the pedestrian is given a “walk” indication.
Finally, an alternating red is displayed for motorists while a countdown timer is displayed for the pedestrian.
Drivers are required to stop at the white stop bars on the roadway whenever the signal display is red. During the alternating flashing red operation, drivers can legally proceed after coming to a full stop and checking that pedestrians are not present.
“We want to urge drivers to slow down and use extra caution when going through the school zone,” Wendell Elementary Principal Kevin Rogers said. “The school children will be safer with new signal if motorists are paying attention and obey the new signs.”
The HAWK pedestrian beacon is commonly used in western Idaho and areas around the country in high traffic areas with high pedestrian traffic volumes.

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