Twin Falls City Council Approves Addition of Sexual Orientation into Anti-Discrimination Policy


By Paul Johnson

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) - The Twin Falls City Council on Monday approved the addition of the definition of sexual orientation into its anti¬discrimination policy for City staff. The inclusion of the definition does not affect citizens of the City of Twin Falls and only applies to city employees.
The vote was approved with five council members in favor and two opposed. Council members Suzanne Hawkins and Don Hall opposed the amendment to the policy, while council members Jim Munn, Re¬becca Mills¬Sojka, Chris Talkington, Shawn Barigar and Mayor Greg Lanting supported the amendment.
The adoption of the addition of sexual orientation to the City’s anti¬discrimination policy was not in re¬sponse to any allegations or violations. The City of Twin Falls maintains a zero tolerance policy for har¬assment of any kind, which includes discrimination based on definitions such as gender, race, or reli¬gious affiliation.
Those voting in favor of the amendment felt that adding the definition would demonstrate the City’s sensitivity to a group of citizens who live in the City of Twin Falls, and it would clearly identify the group as one that the City would not discriminate against.
The City began updating its anti¬discrimination policy Tuesday to reflect the council vote.

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