City of Twin Falls To Begin Wastewater Treatment Expansion


By Paul Johnson

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - More Construction is planned for Twin Falls,. The City say they expect to begin the largest expansion of the wastewater treatment facility since 1965. They say that means construction vehicles along the Canyon Springs Grade and in the Auger Falls area.
Beginning in early to mid-April the City expects contractors to begin removing dirt from the City of Twin Falls Wastewater Treatment Plan that is located on Canyon Springs Road. The dirt that will be removed from the Wastewater Treatment Plant will allow the City to begin construction on new clarifier and aeration tanks, which will nearly double the capacity of the plant from 9.6 million gallons per day to 16 million gallons per day by December 2015. To accomplish this task, the City expects large trucks will haul clean-fill dirt between 30 and 40 times each day from the Wastewater Treatment Plant to an of Auger Falls where it will be used to further the rehabilitation of the wetland area.
Because there will be significant construction traffic on the roads to Auger Falls, the City is asking citizens to avoid using the recreation area between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This will allow the contractor to more quickly – and safely – complete the first phase of the construction project. Citizens are welcome to use the recreation area from dusk till dawn on Saturdays and Sundays, as contractors will not be using the roadways during the weekends.
In addition to construction traffic at Auger Falls, the City expects contractors to begin hauling cement and large equipment down the Canyon Springs Grade to the Wastewater Treatment Plant beginning in mid-summer. The City will not close the Canyon Springs Grade but it is encouraging citizens to use caution as large cement trucks and freight haulers will maneuver the grade between 20 and 30 during weekdays. The City will work with the contractor to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians on the grade during the construction project.
Construction on the wastewater treatment plant expansion will last through the summer of 2014 and is expected to be completed by late-summer 2015.
In March 2013, citizens of the City of Twin Falls approved a $38 million bond election that would expand the capacity of the wastewater treatment facility and its collection lines. The treatment plant was approaching maximum capacity and needed to be expanded to accommodate future industrial, commercial and residential growth in the City of Twin Falls and Kimberly.
Because of the City’s strong financial standing and assistance from the Idaho Bond Bank, the City of Twin Falls was able to sell the bond at a true interest rate of 3.31 percent and was not required to post bond insurance – allowing the City to use the money on the front of the bond, saving ratepayers millions of dollar in interest costs.
To gain a better understanding about how the City could balance the safety of its citizens with the need to accommodate significant construction traffic, the City reached out to community groups that regularly use the Auger Falls area. Those groups encouraged the City to not close the park to pedestrians and cyclists, but rather it should provide safe hours of use for recreationalists when there is not construction traffic.
The City will continue to seek public input and will hold a series of open houses on the process, in an effort to ensure that the Snake River Canyon and Auger Falls remain safe and accessible during construction. Citizens can also receive updates by subscribing to city alerts on its website at under the ‘Notify Me’ tab. Citizens can also call Joshua Palmer, City of Twin Falls Public Information Officer, at 735-7312 for more information.

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