Jerome County Deputy To Be Trained On How To Handle Dogs


By Paul Johnson

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - In the near future, a Jerome County Deputy Sheriff will be trained on how to handle law enforcement contacts with both aggressive and non-aggressive dogs. Once trained, he will begin training other patrol deputies on how to handle contacts with aggressive and vicious dogs, including tactics and options available. Sheriff Doug McFall said “We have always applied the safest and humane practices available in handling animal contacts, but we also want to take a proactive approach in our day to day operations.”
Jerome County does not have an animal control officer; therefore patrol deputies must handle dog related incidents, and then transport the dog to the Jerome City animal shelter if needed. Jerome County has an agreement with the city to house the counties dogs, and pays the city for that service as needed.
Deputy Chris McRoberts has researched the options and tools available, and the Sheriff’s Office has purchased catch poles. The catch poles are a humane tool which will be issued to each patrol deputy, allowing for another option to take a dog into custody. The Sheriff said “We don’t have the money or resources available to operate an aggressive animal control operation, so we must make do the best we can with available resources.

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