Speed Limit Increase On Idaho 75 North Of Shoshone Beginning Friday


By Paul Johnson

Shoshone, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) – Following reconstruction of a six-mile section of Idaho 75 in 2013, the average speed of traffic increased as a result of an improved roadway and safer conditions. A follow-up engineering study of traffic activities on the new roadway has prompted an increase to the highway's speed limit beginning Friday May 2, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.
Historically, the speed limit of Idaho 75 was 55 mph for much of the six-mile stretch between Shoshone and near the Mammoth Cave turnoff. The reconstructed highway improved safety by adding wider shoulders, left- and right-turn bays, wider bridge crossings and a flatter roadway. The speed limit remained the same until a new engineering study was completed to verify safe travel speeds.
As a result of the study, the speed limit will increase to 65 mph north of Huyser Drive to the end of last year’s construction project (milepost 74.9 to 80.95). Immediately north of Shoshone, the speed limit will be 45 mph for about one-half mile followed by a 55 mph speed zone for an additional half-mile.
“Generally, we see a shift in speed limits to slow traffic for reasons of safety or due to increasing roadway access,” said Bruce Christensen, ITD district traffic engineer. “This is one of those cases where safe operation by drivers and the speed of traffic has led to a minor increase of the speed limit.”
The average daily traffic for the section of road varies from 3,000 vehicles to 5,900 with large increases during the summer months. The location for the speed-zone increase was due largely to the number of vehicles that access Huyser Drive.
Drivers are reminded that the current speed limit remains in effect until the new signs are installed.

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