Highway Seal Coating Begins June 16 Throughout South-Central Idaho


By Paul Johnson

Shoshone, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) – With the construction season well underway, seal coats are scheduled to begin throughout south-central Idaho Monday June 16.
Drivers will encounter the work on Interstate 84 between Bliss and Wendell and between Twin Falls and Burley, U.S. 93 from the Nevada line to north of Rogerson and north of Idaho 25 in Jerome County, and on Idaho 75 north of Shoshone and south of Bellevue. Seal coats also will be applied to recently paved areas on U.S. 30 between Buhl and Filer, near Hansen, on Idaho 24 south of Rupert and on Interstate 86 from I-84 to the Raft River interchange.
On two-lane sections of highway, the road will be reduced to one lane with a pilot car guiding motorists. Drivers should watch for flaggers throughout construction zones. In areas of four lanes or more, there will be alternating lane closures and flaggers controlling traffic in various locations.
In all areas of work, a 35-mph speed limit will be in effect. Observing posted speed limits and increasing following distance will reduce the risk of windshield damage caused by loose gravel. Drivers are urged to use caution in all areas of seal coating.
A properly applied seal coat can add several years of service to the roadway by preserving the integrity of the asphalt and serving as a barrier to water and cracking. The surface also improves winter safety by adding roughness for traction on snow and ice.
Seal coating begins by applying a layer of asphalt followed by a cover coat of gravel on the roadway surface. The highway is rolled and traffic allowed on to the roadway to help pack the surface before "brooming," or sweeping, to remove excess gravel.
The work is done during the day to allow higher temperatures to bond the asphalt and rock more quickly to the roadway surface, providing a higher-quality finished product.
Most seal-coat operations will occur throughout the Magic Valley throughout the next three weeks, but the work could extend through the end of August in some areas.
Route Highway Mileposts
I-84 137-149, 181-194, 201-207, 228-245 westbound, 245-254, 261-269
I-86 0-15
U.S. 30 202-212, 222-223, 227-231, 249-262
U.S. 93 0-20, 58-66
Idaho 24 0-3.5, 44-54, 54-65
Idaho 75 74-82, 107-111

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