Family and Friends Organize To Help Injured Rupert Fire Chief


By Paul Johnson

Rupert, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - On May 17, 2014, roughly one month ago, what started out as a fun-filled weekend for a group of ATV riders near Jackpot turned tragic. One person lost his life and three others were injured. Of the three, one remains hospitalized paralyzed from the neck down. Alan Wayne Brady, 38 was critically injured in the accident near Jackpot Nevada.
The accident involved four men, all from Rupert, Idaho. Jay Setser died as a result of his wounds. Jerued Uscola and Jed Dansie were also hospitalized for their injuries, but are now recovering at home. Alan was in ICU at St. Alphonsus until June 12th, and then he was moved to Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital in Boise, where he is now. A Facebook account has been set up called Alan Brady Recover, so his friends and the community can be updated on his recovery and to help boost Alan’s spirits.
Alan is a single father of three children, Austin, 17, Rashell, 15, and Preston, 11. He has been very active in all three of their lives, but for his two oldest children he has been their sole supporter. He is currently employed by City of Rupert as the Streets Department Supervisor. He has been employed with the City of Rupert since May of 1996. Also, he is the Battalion Chief from the East End Fire Department, and has been a firefighter with the agency since 1999.
As a result of this accident, Alan’s neck was severely broken, the break involved 6 of his 7 cervical vertebrae (vertebrae 2 through 7 - both front side and back side). Right now he is considered to be an “incomplete” quadriplegic, because he has some movement in his arms and spotty sensations in his legs and extremities, so this gives him a chance at recovery. To help him recover, Alan is in need of intensive therapy, so St. Alphonsus have started the application process in getting him transported to the Craig Institute, a world renowned spinal rehab facility, located in Denver, Colorado. This a very expensive facility, and his insurance does not cover much of it.
In order for Alan to be accepted to Craig Institute, the family must first raise at least $83,000. Alan and his family are very appreciative of all the support from the community. Fundraisers to date have included: the Injured Firefighter Fundraiser which was held at the Rupert square to raise money for the families of all four involved in the May 17th accident; the Gofundme account set up to help raise the money necessary to transport Alan to Denver; the U.S. Bank account for Alan W. Brady; and The Miles of Money Reel. These fundraisers have raised to date about half of what is needed just to get him to Denver and into the Institute.
All of Alan’s family members and close friends have been greatly affected by this accident, and they are doing what they can to raise the money necessary for his treatment. However, none have been affected quite like his fifteen year old daughter, Rashell. She works part time as a file clerk for The Sprinkler Shop in Paul, Idaho and attends school at Minico High School. Since her Dad’s accident she has been consumed with the need to help her Dad. In fact, she has made it her duty to get her Dad all the help he needs. She worries about every aspect of his care and can think of nothing but getting her Dad to Denver. For this young teenager waiting for the money to come in is not enough. She had t-shirts made up and sold them at the Injured Firefighter Fundraiser and she has plans to sell them at future fundraising events. The shirt sizes available range from youth large to Adult 2X, and the cost of the shirts are $15 each.
There are several fundraisers planned and in the works. In addition to Rashell’s t-shirt sales, The Gofundme account, the U.S. Bank account, and The Miles of Money Reel are ongoing. Then on Saturday morning, June 28th, an event called “Cookin to get Alan Brady to Rehab” is being held at the Happy Kamper Cookery located at 102 S. Oneida Street in Rupert. They will be serving Sausage Breakfast Burritos, Coffee, and Juice for $10 a plate with all proceeds going to Alan Brady. Rashell will be set up there to sell her t-shirts. Then that afternoon, Rashell will be set up at The Burley Boat Regatta and in the evening she will be set up at the Lawn Mower Races. She has plans to sell her t-shirts at the July 3rd and July 28th Lawn Mower Races also. There are plans for a car wash in the works, but no date has been set. Additionally, Dan Duffin, owner of The Sprinkler Shop, has donated towards Alan Brady’s Recovery and is challenging other business owners to show their appreciation of a man who has contributed so much to our community! If you are interested in making a cash contribution or purchasing a t-shirt or if you need additional information you can call Carol Smith @208-431-9898. Also, you can go to the Alan Brady Recovery Facebook and donate to the Gofundme account or go to any U.S. bank and make a donation to the Alan W. Brady account. Time is not on Alan’s side so the sooner we can get him to Denver the better.

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