Whooping Cough in the Magic Valley

Magic Valley


By Kim Bartlett

Fifteen cases of pertussis have been reported recently in the Magic Valley.
Mostly commonly known as whooping cough many don't even know they have it.
Epidemiologist Cheryle Becker says, “That is why you hear people say I had that 3 month cough. Well, it could have been pertussis and it just was not noticed."
It starts out like an everyday cold.
"That cough becomes persistent they may cough until they vomit, cough until they turn blue," Becker says.
And in the case of babies it can become very dangerous.
Becker adds, "Distinct symptoms are the hoop, the very specific whooping noise they make when they're trying to breath they cough and cough to catch their breath and it makes a whooping noise."
The only way to know if you have pertussis for sure is to see a doctor but don't expect a miracle pill.
There is no cure for whooping cough and only time can kill the disease.
In the meantime antibiotics will keep you from spreading the cough.
The airborne bug can be spread within hours but there is another way to stop from getting the cough: vaccines.
Children seven and under who are not current in their immunizations can get the vaccine.
Adults 19–64 years of age can now be vaccinated with a new booster for both tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis and adolescents 11–18 can also get their three in one vaccination.

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