4-H Animal Auction Helps Kids Pay for College


By DeSiree Fawn

Blaine County 4-H members are showing off their animals at this week’s Blaine County Fair.

After months and months of hard work raising livestock and getting them ready to show, kids of all ages are preparing to auction off their labors of love. Fortunately, to ease the pain of separation, it’s a pretty big pay day.

“Over a thousand, last year I got over a thousand. My dad makes me put it in a bank account though, so I only get some of it. Save it up for college and everything. And that’s what 4-H was, not meant for, but that’s kind of why they start it, so that kids could save up money and everything,” said Kolbie Sanderson, a member of Blaine County 4-H.

In order to attract the highest bidders, a lot of time and training goes into making these animals behave.

“When we picked him out we were a little iffy because he was kind of one of the more wild ones. Most nervous than anything. He’s been doing pretty good this year and I think he’ll do alright. He’s gotten a lot better from the start. So, it just took a lot of work,” said Toby Witworth, Blaine County 4-H.

The 4-H kids not only know how to make these animals big and healthy. They have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to show time.

“Megan, can we put deodorant on your pig’s nose and ours? Cause they’re about to fight. They’re fighting. When you put on deodorant, the smell of it, because they don’t like the smell of the other pigs. So when you put deodorant on their nose, it like keeps them from fighting most of the times,” said Sanderson.

These bigger animals weighed in today and will be auctioned off tomorrow. Around the same time, younger 4-H members are showing off their rabbits and chickens.

The event started on August 1st and runs through Sunday, August 10th. Other fair highlights through the weekend include an archery shoot, little kids rodeo, and a car show.

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