5 Years For Malicious Injury To Property


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A Twin Falls man will be behind bars for the next 5 years on a felony charge of Malicious Injury to Property.

Back on Christmas Eve of 2012, 21 year old Kirstoffer Moreno broke into Robertson Supply in Twin Falls.

When Moreno tried to flee the scene he then broke into Parks Funeral Home, which is next door to Robertson's Supply.

When police arrived they noticed damage to a door at Park's and found Moreno inside.

Inside, Moreno (who claimed was black out drunk) damaged up to $20,000 worth of equipment along with severe damage to the building itself.

Back in February Moreno plead guilty to the charge of Malicious Injury to Property.

On Monday Judge Randy Stoker had some strong words for defendant before he handed down his sentence.

"Whatever was going on in your mind or if there was anything going on in your mind is about as calculated as I can think of. You don't cause this level of damage like I've heard about in this case without frankly some degree of malice... that's why we call it malicious injury."
Said 5th District Judicial Court Judge, Randy Stoker.

Due to the fact that Moreno was already on felony probation at the time, Judge Stoker also imposed prison time for his previous crime.

In total Moreno will serve 5 years fixed / 8 years indeterminate inside the Idaho State Penitentiary.

Along with prison time, Moreno will also pay restitution of over $10,000 to Park's Funeral homes’ Insurance Company and Robertson's Supply.

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