Chalk Walk Brightens Sidewalks in Twin Falls

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

The Oktoberfest celebration in Twin Falls offers people the chance to bring a bit of color to the streets...literally. For Magic Valley is a day to show their creative sides.
Today is the annual chalk walk on Main street in downtown Twin Falls.
The theme is Fall for Art.
This event is open to artists of all ages, both professional and amateur. And prizes will be awarded in several categories. For's their first time here. Another artist is no stranger to first place. Meet 17–year–old Zach Settle...last years winner.
For Zack, art is all about expression.

Settle says, "Art is important in my life because it has to do with what I dress like, what I look at...I consider a lot of things to be artistic or patterns."
He says he wants to take art further than just the sidewalk....and turn his passion into a career.

Settle says, "I always look at colleges based on the art scholarships, and art positions and such. I look at it as if I can go further than just college, if I can get a career out of it."

The art process lasted from 9am to 6pm today.
As the day went on, drawings began to take on a life of their own.

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