New Simulator Aids In Training Police Officers

Twin Falls


By Rachael Giffoni

This morning at the College of Southern Idaho, the Twin Falls Police Department went through some annual training, with the help of a new simulator aimed at sharpening their skills.

What looks like an elaborate video game, is actually a device used to save lives, called the Range 3000.

Twin Falls Police Detective Brent Wright said, "There's about 250 scenarios, everything from traffic stops, domestics, school shootings, everything we encounter in real life.

Twin Falls Police Officer Justin Hendrickson went through the simulations, for the first time. He said, "It's pretty realistic, the scenarios are pretty much what we actually train for."

Wright said, "This is all about learning, we want to expose them (the officers) to different scenarios, in a controlled environment, get them thinking about ways they can handle the situation, so they're not presented with it the first time in real life.

This is the newest version of the simulator, replacing the college's older one.

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