Dealing with a ferel cat population


By Benito Baeza


Last week a Boise state senator introduced a bill that would deal with Idaho’s feral cat populations. Many cities across the state have to deal with feral cat colonies.

Twin Falls is no different; Rock Creek Park has a number of feral cats and it's a problem says Humane Society Director Debbie Blackwood.

"We've actually sat down there for lunch and witnessed a dumping."

Some cities are forced to euthanize feral cat populations to curb growth. But, some argue its not working.

A more effective way is to trap-neuter-and release or TNR, but in Idaho it is illegal to re-release the animals. One senator hopes her bill will at least open that door so it’s an option.

Senator Kate Kelly says people are much more open to raising money to neuter cats than kill them, "So I think it's a start to make it legal."

Blackwood says the breeding needs to be stopped, "Our primary objective should be let’s stop the multiplication and stop the suffering because one group reducing pare can be responsible for 13 million in 9 years."

Blackwood says it would be simple to put a group of people to care for the neutered animals, and that's obvious by those who currently feed them; but it all depends on if the bill is passed and if the municipality decides to adopt a neutering program.

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