A Growing Trend In Medical Care


By Rachel Holt

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A form of medical care is gaining popularity in the United States.

It's not new. MTM, or Medication Therapy Management, has been around for a decade.

But one health official is telling us it's the way of the future.

"It's a relatively new field, and we continue to take and expand our services as they are available," says Kim Tillery, MTM consultant.

Adopted in 2004, Medication Therapy Management is a form of medical care where pharmacists are more involved in their patient's health.

This includes everything from formulating treatment plans to analyzing how different prescriptions are working.

"It lets us sit down and do a more in depth review of the patient’s medical history, so it’s improved patient outcomes," explains Jason Reading, Pharmacist, R&R.

"We usually sit down 35-40 minutes, depending on how complex the regime is, and we sit through and go through everything,” Tillery says.

In the past five years, R&R credits MTM with improving patients’ lives.

In one case, they were able to recognize one man needed immediate medical attention, and he had emergency heart surgery two days later.

Tillery believes pharmacists will become even more involved in the future.

"By 2020, the shortfall will be about 90 thousand, 93 thousand primary care physicians in the country, and it’s significant because of the health care plan. You have an increasing demand for medical care and a decreasing physician pool," Tillery explains.

"It’s been around for a number of years, but it’s really catching fire now, and it’s really exciting to see that we're able to make a difference, able to take care of the patients that way,” Reading adds.

A form of medical care that's all in the details.

There are certain qualifications necessary in order for a patient to receive MTM care, such as their particular disease state and the amount of medication they take.

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