A Mammoth Find Six Months Later


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Six months ago, we told you about a Magic Valley family that found an 11,000 year old object in their front yard. That object turned out to be the skeleton of a very real mammoth. This summer the Olsen family found out how unique their mammoth skeleton is.

In may of this year, students from the College of Southern Idaho's Anthropology Department and Idaho State University's Paleontology Department helped unearth the mammoth skeleton in the Olsens' front yard.

Mammoth owner Joshua Olsen says, "We found a couple ribs, a couple vertebrae. The most recent, we believe we're into the skull. We found some fragments of bone, which is basically skull pieces. We found a large portion of what looks to be a leg bone."

But the Olsens are now waiting to figure out exactly what their options are for their mammoth. Olsen says he's been in contact with some very helpful professionals, who are in the process of giving the family some advice as to what direction to go with their mammoth. In the meantime, they're covering the skeleton to protect it from the elements.

Olsen says, "To do as much as behind the scenes work as we can this winter, we're putting the mammoth to bed. And we're going to have a plan for the spring to really decide and get the crew together and do what we need to do to get him out of the ground as much as possible."

Olsen says they want to know their mammoth's story, because it died up near the snake river canyon rim, instead of being washed into our area with a bunch of other prehistoric animals by the Bonneville Flood. Olsen says there's even evidence there was a spring close to where the mammoth died.

The historic skeleton even has its own Facebook page. You can track it down by looking for Mammoth Olsen.

Oct. 23, 2012.

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