AG-PHD's Darren Hefty Visits With Magic Valley Farmers


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KTWT-TV) The host of AG-PHD paid a visit to Idaho this week. Darren Hefty spoke with area farmers at the AG PHD Agronomy Workshop, held at Canyon Crest Events Center.

Through his travels across the world, Hefty teaches and learns farming techniques that may be applicable to other locations.

"Local prices are high so how can young farmers start a career on the farm? Hi I'm Darren Hefty with today's Ag Minute."

You may have heard his voice or spotted him co–hosting AG-PHD with his brother, Brian. But on Thursday, local farmers spent their day with Darren as he shared his knowledge of the industry.

Hefty adds, "farmers want to focus on one thing, that's raising better crops and doing a better job of making their farms more environmentally friendly and the only way to do that is by studying, learning new concepts and trying new things."

Now while AG-PHD is mainly shot in the midwestern portion of the United States, relating to Idaho farmers isn't that far–fetched.

"We've been doing our tv show now for 15 years so we've filmed over 750 episodes of AG-PHD....we get to meet farmers from all over the world, we get to do some travel so that's been nice...It puts a little perspective on what we're doing because if you look at Idaho for example, it's different farming than it is in South Dakota, so we can always learn things and share techniques that we've been using that maybe guys haven't heard about yet."

Hefty explains there is a major generational gap facing our country when it comes to knowing the source of our food.

"Nowadays kids are just several generations away from farms, that's why they don't know where their food is coming from."

But with resources like Ag-Minute or opportunities such as this winter workshop, farmers can spread knowledge and awareness to their communities.

"We're less than one percent of the population and we just don't have that many of us out there so we have to get the word out so people know what's going on."

Providing for the seeds of the future, one show at a time.

You can catch AG-PHD Sunday mornings at 9:30 and Ag-Minute during Saturday's 10 pm newscast. Both programs can be seen right here on kmvt.

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