UPDATE: Air Support Begins For Colorado Gulch Fire


By Paul Johnson

UPDATE 8:37 PM - The Blaine County Sheriff has announced an 18 year-old man has been identified in connection with fireworks at the point of origin.

The Sheriff's Office says the man was on private land when the fire started, and no charges have been filed yet.

The investigation is ongoing.

UPDATE 5:01 PM - Idaho power says at this time no customer is without power.

UPDATE 4:15 PM - As of this time, all mandatory evacuations have been lifted for the Colorado Gulch Fire. Residents only will be allowed back into the area. That's the word from the Blaine county sheriff's office. Residents should know Idaho Power is working to restore power to some affected areas.

Idaho Power officials say the number of customers without service has fluctuated. At the height of the day, that number reached 3500 plus. Right at this time, 300 are without power.
Power crews have been turning off power in areas to make it safe for the firefighters.

UPDATE 2:04 PM - Officials say the fire has now burned 716 acres. A total of 12 homes have been threatened, while 5 were placed under mandatory evacuation.

The Colorado Gulch Fire is being fought under the unified command of Wood River Fire & Rescue and the BLM. Local resources from Wood River Fire & Rescue, Hailey Fire Department, Ketchum Fire Department, Sun Valley Fire Department, and Bellevue Fire Department have provided 9 structure engines, 4 water tenders, and 4 wild land engines. BLM has 4 wild land engines, 1 bulldozer, two 20 men hotshot crews, 2 single seat fixed wing airplanes, 1 light helicopter, 1 heavy helicopter and 1 DC10 VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker). Air support began dropping retardant this morning.
Due to the fire the following mandatory evacuations and closures are in place:
Mandatory Evacuation: Croesus Creek Road remains under mandatory evacuation.
Pre-Evacuation Notice: Rodeo Drive is now under Pre-Evacuation Notice. Prepare to depart immediately if conditions worsen.
Closures: Croy Canyon is closed at the Bow Bridge to ALL TRAFFIC
Lion’s Park is closed
Colorado Gulch Road is closed at Broadford Road

Hailey, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - The Blaine County Sheriff’s office say air support has begun on the Croy Canyon/Colorado Gulch Fire. The fire broke about around 8pm Sunday three miles west of Hailey. The fire is currently at 200 acres burning in grass and brush. The Bureau of land management has 3 engines, a dozer, a hand crew and the Blaine County fire department on the scene. According to the Sheriff, a BLM hot shot crew will be arriving Monday.

Since Croesus Creek Road residents were told to leave yesterday, no new evacuations have been ordered. The sheriff is reminding all who are in the vicinity of the fire to maintain awareness of your situation. Officials say, “If you are in imminent danger, do not wait for evacuation orders. Take precautions to protect your family and pets.” So far about 6 homes have been evacuated and several more are threatened.

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