Americans Making Fewer Mistakes On Tax Returns


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Americans are making fewer mistakes on their tax returns, according to a new report by the IRS.

The agency found 2.7 million errors made by 2-million taxpayers on their 2011 returns, that’s less than half the mistakes found on 2010 returns.

The tax deadline is just around the corner, taxpayers like Andrew Vawser complete their taxes in the comfort of their home.

"I'm busy and have a family so it's easier for me to spend an evening or a Saturday afternoon getting all my information together and doing it on turbo tax, it’s mostly for convenience” said Andrew Vawser, online taxpayer.

The IRS believes tax software programs, such as H & R block and TurboTax, may be the reason for the decline of mistakes on taxes.

Taxpayers who use them are less likely to make mistakes.

"I think you see that growing more and more all the time with people liking the computer and feeling comfortable with it. H & R block does have an online service and I find that people do get confused and don't understand all the questions. We do have clients that do come in who do it online,” said Delbert Tree, H & R Block.

Online tax programs range from $35 to $100, some companies even offer to do your federal taxes for free.

"It goes through and asks you all types of questions and pertained to all sorts of things and I usually go through as many as I can so I can be covered on everything I can be. It was easy for me to understand,” said Vawser.

Vawser believes with the digital age more Americans will be using programs to file taxes rather than going to an accountant.

As a reminder, the tax deadline is April 15, 2013.

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