UPDATE Areas Of Twin Falls Flooding


By Paul Johnson


UPDATE 10:38 AM - From the City of Twin Falls Police Department:
"Over the last couple of days, we have received a large amount of rain causing the flooding of streets, road closures, driving hazards, and creating dangerous areas around the City of Twin Falls. The City of Twin Falls and the Twin Falls Police Department wish to advise areas of concern and steps to take for safety. While driving, do not drive through areas that are flooded. It is difficult to determine how deep the water is or if the roadway is washed out. Flooded streets can also cause loss of control of your vehicle. If the street is flooded, choose an alternate route.
The City of Twin Falls is doing everything they can to resolve the flooding issues around the city. We ask everyone to be patient and most importantly to be safe. Avoid unstable areas such as flooding sidewalks, streets, ditches, and canal areas. We will provide additional information as conditions improve.

UPDATE 10:20 AM – Rock Creek Park is closed due to the collapse of a retaining wall and massive flooding in the park.
In Jerome, Street workers are reporting that the flooding water is covering streets but there have been no reports of any other property damage.

UPDATE 9:38 AM – The Twin Falls Tonight event has been canceled.

UPDATE 9:19 AM – Police in Twin Falls are asking everyone to stay off the walking trail along the canyon rim. A portion near Canyon Crest has washed away. Canyon Springs Road is closed down to the grade where you access the golf course area.
Eastland Drive South near the Railroad Tracks is completely under water and is closed. Cheny drive near Walmart between Wendell and Washington Street North is closed.
Portions of Pole Line Road west is closed. According to Dennis Pullin with the Twin Falls Police Department, Eastbound Traffic between Washington and Grandview Drive is closed.
The hospital remains open. Security guards are directing traffic in the parking lot as portions are under water.

UPDATE 9:07 AM - Blacks Creek Road is closed from the Ada/Elmore County line to the Y-Stop General Store in Prairie due to mud and rock slides.
Mountain Home Highway District road crews are working to reopen the road, but, this closure will last at least a of couple days.

UPDATE 9:05 AM – Canyon Springs Road is closed and will remain closed until all debris is cleared. D AND B Supply on Addison Avenue is closed due to the flooding. Portions of the walking trail along the canyon rim has been damaged.

UPDATE: 8:22AM - There has been a mudslide on Canyon Springs road below Canyon Crest . The slide has covered the walking trail and fence. Eastland Drive South is closed. The water and sewer is backing up in the neighborhood of Smiths Food King. We have some reports of home basements in the 1700 block of Popler avenue being completely filled with water.

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Water from the overnight rains is causing some flooding in Twin Falls this Wednesday morning. The official numbers from the Twin Falls airport show 2.34-inches of rain with Jerome at 1.57-inches.
There is some severe flooding along Pole Line Road and St. Luke’s. There are also some problems noted near Walmart and the canal at the College is overflowing it’s banks.
Motorists are warned that there will be areas that are impassable because of the water. We have crews on several areas and will have more information soon.

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