Back To School Student-Employee Opportunities


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With the new school year about to get underway, student–employees are making some schedule changes, or quitting altogether.

Others have found employers like Rocket Express, who work with their schedules, so it's business as usual.

"We've modified our business model so that we can guarantee a minimum of 40 hours for each employee. That way when they're promised the 40 hours at a competitive wage, then they tend not to leave when school starts," said co-owner Janet Russell.

For the owners of Rocket Express it's important to work with students, because often they can make the best employees.

"In school they learn communication skills, public speaking skills, and they learn how to write well. These are the same skills you have to have when you're working with the public in a retail center like this," Russell adds.

The summer break from school coincides with a lot of seasonal businesses popular among students like landscaping or car washes, so the businesses won't hire to fill vacant spots left by student when they return to school.

For students at Twin Falls High School who wish to keep working through the year, a business co–op program gives them the opportunity to earn school credits while on the job.

"We have students that have a job and then come to us and enroll, and then we also have students who come to us and just want to be part of the program, so we help find them employment,” said marketing teacher at Twin Falls High School Carrie Ploss.

The students must maintain employment and be enrolled in a business class at the school.

In return, they receive school credit for being at work.

"It's been great. I've seen students that have been employed from the food industry, the courthouse, or southern Idaho tourism, all different aspects in the valley. Some students learn this is definitely not what they want to do, and others learn 'oh I love this' and continue on," she adds.

Working on their education, while working to fill their pockets.

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