Basic Beekeeping Classes Offered In Twin Falls


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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

Basic introduction to beekeeping classes are being offered in Twin Falls at Tubb's Berry Farm.

Co–owners Kirk and Heidi offer several classes throughout April to teach participants all they need to know.

Heidi Tubbs explains, "We try to keep them small enough so people can ask questions and get one on one time and really handle the hives. They learn basic bee biology, hive management, basically what you're going to be experiencing in a hive over a year."

With an estimated 25 Hives and hundreds of thousands of bees, there's something for every class participant to learn here at Tubb's Berry farm whether they are beginners or beekeepers themselves."

Hao Ngo, a first time class participant, notes, "My wife really wanted me to keep bees, it was either chickens or bees so it's a lot easier to maintain. It’s just awesome to see the bees fly around the honey and just the whole process."

The class is also for people who are just curious about beekeeping in general.

Says Tubbs, "there are a lot of things affecting bees, reading labels and being aware of pollinating insects because they are so beneficial. Monitoring hives so that you don't spread disease to the other hives."

But mainly, with bee shipments coming in at the end of April, the class works to prepare owners for what they can expect.

Says Ngo, "I had no idea I didn't know anything about bees but I'll be more comfortable now."

Creating a buzz about taking up a new hobby.

On Saturday April 26th Tubb's will hold a "bee day" which is free to the public.

There will be a hiving demonstration, a lesson in harvesting honey, and much more.

Anyone is encouraged to stop by from 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

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