Basque Day


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Shoshone, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

A day filled with cultural activities and authentic Basque cuisine.
The fairground had four refurbished sheep camps, and vendors selling clothing and trinkets associated with Basque culture.
"Well we've seen it as we drove through Lincoln county before and today we were out and about seeing that it was here so we decided to stop in for a few minutes...It's really nice to see different things that are I guess you would say known to the Basque community for the things that they do."
According to the Boise weekly, Idaho is home to one of the largest populations of Basques outside of Spain.
Around 30 thousand currently reside in southern Idaho.
"It's a culture that has seriously impacted our culture and impacted our area since were such a huge sheep industry at one point in time, so we wanted to come down to check out the wagons look and teach my grand kids about the restoration project, and how much work takes place to bring these wagons back and actually how the herders lived for 5 to 6 months."
David Lachiondo, council speaker for Idaho humanities, discussed the Basques and the Spanish civil war drawing in a crowd of all ages.
Residents from all over southern Idaho think that this is a great event to get to know Idaho’s past as well as support the community.
"We all need to be supportive of our communities. I think if we learn to be supportive in our communities that we have a stronger community and a stronger sense of all of us are in things together."
"I think it's really important the more activities you can have with your community bring forth the origin, bring people together then they get to share their stories and say oh yea that was my 3rd cousin or whatever. I just think it's very pleasant it's good support for our community."

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