Beckley On Jump: "No Mountains Here To Climb, Just Hills"


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) "There's no mountains here to climb, just a couple of hills." That's Ed Beckley explaining the current situation regarding his Snake River canyon jump.

There's still a lot to do prior to the September 7th jump, but Beckley is feeling more confident now that the major challenges are in the past.

Beckley says, "we're definitely on the right track, get this thing over with and get this thing with ink on it by February 3rd."

A passionate Ed Beckley, his attorney and city officials met Monday morning.

"It was typical meeting with these guys, something always get done. That's what we've seen. They're very open, of course, everything has to go to council, so they need to get all the information they can," adds Beckley.

Public safety is a top priority for the area agencies. Whether it's mapping out the public access points or controlling the crowds.

Twin Falls Police Chief Brian Pike says, "so one of the things we did is as a law enforcement community is that we started to reach out to our law enforcement partners, Jerome County, Twin Falls County, St. Luke's, the prosecutor's office, we started working collaboratively....met January 9th started to discuss that."

It's estimated as many as 70,000 spectators could be watching Beckley attempt the feat.

"I was actually 9 years old when Evel Knievel jumped the canyon, I remember what it was like, but I was too young. We haven't had an even like this for awhile...we're trying to get a handle on what those numbers look like, so we're hoping once this event moves forward and they start pre-sales, we'll have an idea of what those numbers look like", adds Pike.

When asked about the specifics of the bike, Beckley told me that has to wait, until the agreement is inked.

Beckley says, "some of the engineering has been done. Engineering was all done with a 12 month window now we don't have that. We have 6.5 and 7 months, where we hope we have that. We don't have anything on ink yet. We're not going to build anything, no tickets are going to be sold, no parties to be planned, no dancing until we get this contract signed with the city and then we're going full steam."

In regards to the recent announcement of the Snake River canyon jump in Jerome, this is what Beckley had to say..."they want to avenge basically what happened at the Evel Knievel jump, the thing failed, the parachute failed, it wasn't the rocket that Mr. Truax built, Evel didn't fail, it was the parachute, they want to avenge that, I get that, I understand it and I'm OK with it."

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