Behind The Scenes Of Idaho's First News


By Ben Lyda

Southern Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Have you ever wondered what exactly it is that news reporters and anchors do?
Here's an exclusive look.
Ben Lyda for Idaho's First News is taking you behind the scenes.
As a viewer of Idaho's First News this is how you see us every day,
But have you ever wondered what things look like on the other side of the camera.
The cameras, the teleprompter and even the green screen.
This is what we see.
The day starts here at the Neuhoff communications center, as I walk into the newsroom to receive my assignments for the day.
I'm out the door and in the car.
Heading to the big stories of the day.
Most days reporters shoot multiple stories across southern Idaho.
Set up the camera, shoot the interviews, and then back to the station.
After editing and writing the story is ready for you – the viewer to watch.
One of my favorite things about this job is breaking news, from car accidents to fires to armed robberies.
It may seem like long days, but in my opinion.. It's worth it.
It's fulfilling to be an active part of the community and bring to you the stories that matter.

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