Being Prepared For The Worst


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) As the snow continues to fall outside.

The chances of power outages and emergency situations increases.

That’s why being prepared is always a good idea.

But for those whose job it is to rescue those in distress... How are they preparing?

If an emergency situation does come up overnight, the city of Twin Falls is ready to help.

"If there is a frozen waterline or if there is any other safety issue they can call 735–4357, which is the non–emergency line, and we'll help them any way they can."
Said Josh Palmer, City of Twin Falls.

As for a way for resident can help out.

The city is asking motorist to keep off the roads as much as possible.

"People really only drive or commute if they really need to. We want as few drivers on the road so they're able to avoid that hazard."
Said Palmer.

What about a power outage?

Idaho Power is ready and waiting to jump at the first sign of any problem.

"We're ready, and we're ready 365 days a year. We prepare year round for this kind of a thing. Typically this is routine for us."
Said Dan Olmstead, From Idaho Power.

As for what Idaho Power is expecting and preparing for on a night like this?

"Typically in this kind of a storm, we'll see some localized outages... maybe caused by a car running off the road and hitting a power pole. It might affect a number of customers in a localized area."
Said Olmstead.

Multiple crews are ready and waiting all across the entire Magic and Wood River Valleys.

If something does happen, Idaho Power is confident that power will be restored in a reasonable amount of time.

"Normally we like to have the power restored within a two hour period."
Said Olmstead.

Now if you are stuck in your home without power... Ben Swenson from Swenson's Market says that they have a few must have items ready for any power outage type situation.

"We sell dehydrated food, it's just an add water kind of thing... real easy to prepare. We have a 72 hour kit that will feed them for 72 hours up to two or three people. Other than that, if they're not as concerned about that you just want to make sure you got all of the basics so that you can get yourself covered for a few days if you need to."
Said Ben Swenson, From Swenson’s Market.

Being prepared for any situation... And making a bad situation livable.

For a complete list of emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency.

For City of Twin Falls problems, contact the non-emergency number at 735-4357.

If your home experiences a power outage, you can contact Idaho Power at 1-800-488-6151.

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